The ARES Project
The ARES Project brings your NAO and Pepper robots to life. Leave the programming to us and the choices to you!
The ARES Project

The ARES Project Software Suite animates the NAO and Pepper humanoid social robots to act as a bridge to aid professionals in schools, libraries, community centers, pediatric health care settings, and elder care facilities.

Activities including Vocabulary,
    Potato Head, and Motor Imitation
Stories Original and Popular Children's
   stories or create your own story
Songs to sing and dance along
BINGO traditional or create your own
Brain Breaks to reset


We offer a variety of workshops and micro-programs including team building, drumming, story telling, bingo, and more.

The ARES Project

The Adaptable Robotics Enrichment Software sends customized behaviors directly to your NAO or Pepper robot and gathers data without the need to program.

Create Your Own Content
The ARES Project allows you to use our customizable and engaging activities, stories, and songs. Or add your own stories and presentations with ease.
• Activities • Storytelling • Bingo • Songs

Behavior Analytics
Get results back from your robot without recording by hand. ARES Project tracks progress and provides meaningful analytics with one-click reporting. We adhere to HIPAA guidelines for all data collection.

From basic robot controls such as volume and position to starting custom behaviors, the ARES Project connects your robot to our latest content through a cloud-based delivery platform.

manipulatives with computer, vocabulary cards, books, potato head toy

The FunDaLogic team of experienced educators, sound engineers, and programmers create solution based software for technical development and deployment which results in the ability of our end-users to celebrate teaching, learning, and improving day-to-day lives.

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