Why Use Humanoid Social Robots?

Humanoid social robots facilitate learning, engage students, and can gather information about student progress. Teachers are continually looking for methods to assist students cope with their surroundings, and social robots are a great method for this. They have been proven performers in assisting with teaching activities such as learning Vocabulary words, gaining Motor Skills, and developing better social skills through games, stories, and songs. Similarly, these multifaceted robots work well in a number of settings including: classrooms, front-facing retail establishments, retirement communities, libraries, and medical facilities.

The NAO robots by SoftBank Robotics are fully programmable, interactive, predictable, engaging, and tireless. They assist children on the spectrum by helping them connect to the people around them. The humanoid shape and predictability keep the risk of overstimulation to a minimum and they don't confuse the students with complex facial expressions or body language. The NAO robot even helps reduce anxiety because they are easy to understand. Programming allows them to offer continuous encouragement while tirelessly repeating instructions which allows them to gain a child's trust.

Research indicates that the use of social robots in therapeutic settings helps to engage people, increase comfort levels and foster human connection.

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