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For over a decade Fundalogic Robotics has been developing interactive applications for social robots to be utilized in a variety of settings. The applications include activities ranging from storytelling to motor skills. Fundalogic’s intuitive platform app includes interactive, dynamic behaviors that can be customized and integrated into many environments including schools, hospitals, libraries and places of business to utilize these amazing robotic companions.

Social robots have the ability to act as a bridge for children and adults alike as an aid for professionals which is why Fundalogic Robotics offers full programs and workshops to allow for greater opportunities to interact with the robots. These workshops include but are not limited to STEAM content (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) lessons, storytime with crafts, and drum circles.

Bonnie WalkerBonnie Walker, owner of dbVisionWorks since 1993 and FunDaLogic Robotics since 2015, is a software engineer / roboticist who appreciates the opportunity to help people and businesses solve problems, work more efficiently, and develop and design systems supporting the operations of the company. As a problem solver, Bonnie has a passion for helping businesses identify and streamline their daily tasks and educating everyone involved in the process.

Bonnie is a seasoned professional, business owner, roboticist and software engineer. With over twenty-seven years of owning a software consulting business, writing custom business software, 20+ years in the propane industry, including 20 years in the retail industry with experience including corporate business development, educational and promotional program development for retail locations nationwide.

She has a passion to leverage this technology to support people of all ages on their unique developmental paths. The ARES Project, a Fundalogic initiative is dedicated to creating solutions designed to engage, teach, comfort, and aid others in reaching their potential and to help them decipher and connect to the world and the people around them. She believes that learning occurs best with a hands-on tactile approach with fun, educational and engaging activities which in turn builds lasting relationships and learning opportunities.

Bonnie has spoken at several conferences over the years covering a variety of concepts including how to build a website including maintenance and SEO, speaking to 25 university presidents on how to build a WordPress site to give them presence, presenter at several webinars for Women of Propane, guest speaker at a robotics conference in Boston, the value of music education, a speaker for a FileMaker Emerging Technology webinar and featured in BPN Magazine.

Ericka Pratt Ericka Pratt is currently the educational director at fundalogic robotics. Her primary roles include developing curriculum and assisting with programming. She holds both a Masters in Education and an MBA along with 15+ years of teaching experience in a variety of teaching areas. With a pragmatic approach to education, Ericka believes that learning occurs best with hands-on activities that are engaging and fun, and she develops curriculum with this in mind. After teaching in the public school system for many years, she has decided to homeschool her daughter. The combination of her public education perspective coupled with homeschooling has provided a broad range of experiences to draw from for creating meaningful cross-curricular lessons. Her daughter participates in several homeschool co-ops along with other social activities, so Ericka spends a fair amount of time playing chauffeur like most other parents these days, but she still tries to set aside time for making music and dabbling in photography.

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