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The ARES Project Educational Software Suite animates the NAO humanoid social robot to act as a bridge for children and an aid for professionals in schools, libraries, community centers and pediatric health care settings.

Education and Therapy

Teachers, speech therapists, occupational therapists. The ARES Project Educational Software Suite supports IEPs and therapeutic goals for children on the spectrum and others with special education needs. Research indicates that the use of social robots in classrooms, hospital schools, and distance learning helps to engage children, increase comfort levels and foster human connection.

Support general education in the areas of early childhood development and STEAM curriculum for all grade levels.

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Propane Education

Iggi's STREAM Suite: Educational Lessons Ignited by Propane 2 options available
A 5-session unit filled with curriculum that uses science, technology, robotics, engineering, art, and mathematics (STREAM) with activities to educate students regarding the value of a homegrown energy source that is helpful to the environment, useful for their family, and is cost effective. This curriculum is geared toward 4th and 5th grade students and has the potential to be used in distance learning as well.

The other option is a one day workshop for the entire school accommodating K-6 students. Check out the BPN article about one of our workshops.

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Available for a variety of ages and skills
Drum Circle
Create A Story Team Building with Coding Social Robots

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Elder Care

Seniors in Retirement Facilities and Nursing Homes. Our programs for seniors includes music, movement, storytelling, memory games, and more. We include group activities such as drum circles, bell choirs, and bingo.

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Medical Assistant

Comfort and support children in medical centers, children’s hospitals and pediatric dental offices. Social robots may be used to explain procedures to young patients and to keep them company as they wait. They can also be used to sooth and entertain.

Help medical staff connect with and comfort residents of senior living facilities. Caregivers may communicate with patients through the social robot to help foster a non-threatening and non-judgmental environment.

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Inspire MakerSpace visitors by showcasing some of the many possible applications of humanoid social robots. Coding curriculum is available and ideal for MakerSpace using languges like Python and JavaScript.

Use social robots as ambassadors by incorporating them into story hour and other community outreach programs.

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